• Susi & Alfred

    Tax Advisory and Real Estate in Mallorca

    With a team of more than 15 experts and three offices in Mallorca, we offer you a perfect service from Tax Return to Accounting.

30 Years in Mallorca

Founded in 1987, the group Susanne Cerdá offers not only the implementation of business formations, but tax processing and settlement of financing. Since 1996, the company has operated a real estate agency that is run by Alfred Heibl, who has been married to the owner Susanne Heibl (formerly Cerdá) since 2010.

Just arrived in Mallorca, Susanne Heibl (formerly Cerdá) worked for a German radio station on the island. During the same time, from 1984, she worked for the "Asociación de Proprietarios Extranjeros" (one of the first institutions for Foreigners in Mallorca). In 1987 she finally made the second major decision of her life, the step to independence.

Today, Susanne Heibl leads one of the largest companies for tax and government service on the island, with offices in Palma, Paguera and Llucmajor. In addition to company formations, the main focus of her business is accounting, processing all types of local authority matters, financing, insurance, and of course the classic tax processing. Within her company she is supported by Spanish experts in all fields - and can include professionals such as accountants, managers and specialists in employment law amongst her employees and business friends. In 2012 the group Susanne Cerdá celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The adopted Mallorquin not only handles the finances of her customers, but since 1996 her company has also been successful in the real estate business. The advantages of the combination of tax processing, management of local authority issues and real estate brokerage are obvious: the customer receives perfect customized finance and tax advice for property purchase or sale from the same place. The risks regarding purchasing or selling a property can be minimized. "We consider it our main task, to look at all aspects which are important for our clients when buying or selling real estate or starting a business in Mallorca and to offer solutions to them that are customised to their individual needs. Our ultimate aim is to provide customer satisfaction so that the customer is confident with their decision and can enjoy their time on the island" says the passionate entrepreneur, for whom over the years, many of her customers became friends. "The client who was our company’s “first” customer in 1987 in our company is my best friend today”.